The myth? “It’s just syntax.” The fact: Readability matters. Code is read many more times than it’s written—and after a few months, even your own code can start to look like someone else’s. Eero’s streamlined syntax and Python-like indentation make code easier to read, understand, and maintain.
“Looks nice, to my eyes.” —John Gruber, via Daring Fireball
Poor code readability costs you development time. Syntactic “noise,” redundant notation, and boilerplate all distract and provide opportunities for “dumb”—and sometimes subtle—errors. No language can guarantee clean code, but Eero helps you do a better job.
highly interoperable
Eero offers excellent, nearly seamless interoperability with Objective-C, C, and C++. Simply
and use SDK, third-party, and personal frameworks and libraries. All LLVM memory management choices are available, too, including manual reference counting and ARC.
Eero compiles down to the same binary code as Objective-C, so you’ll enjoy the same performance as standard LLVM-generated Objective-C code, even for any high-performance C functions or C++ objects you use!